Project Scope: Wamessages is a WhatsApp automation chrome extension., which is used to Connect with your customers via personalized WhatsApp Messages. this extension is send messages according to the list of numbers, from google Sheets as well as excel sheets.

The frontend of this application is working from Dorik.com and For the backend, we have deployed API in scalable architecture using EC2. Whenever there is a spike in the website, autoscaling is triggered and deploys a new server to handle the request. Load balancer is also in use for managing the load balance between servers. For network and application security, we have used WAF with custom rules and Detective Inspector, AWS Guard Duty.

Infrastructure: Manually deployed using AWS console and Dorik.

Services used:
1) EC2 as a backend server
2) Autoscaling and Application load balancer for handling/managing traffic.
3) RDS with MySQL as a database engine.
4) Route53 as a DNS
5) AWS backup.
6) Detective, Guard Duty, Inspector and WAF as security tools.
7) ACM from certificate manager.
8) Email from AWS Work-mail.
9) Amazon Simple Email Service.
10) Security groups for allowing particular Ips.
11)Separate VPC for production or staging environment.
12) GitHub action for application deployment.
13) set up Zendesk for customer support.

    • AWS, DevOps
    • Noosa Labs (Pascal)