Project Name: Sendtric

Project Scope:

Sendtric Features · Reliable timers built within a robust, tested infrastructure · Optimised for fast loading times within your templates ·
In the project, we have migrated more than 8 servers from DigitalOcean to AWS EC2(redis or WordPress servers).
Load Balancer is also in use for managing the load balance between servers. For network and application security, we have used WAF with custom rules and Detective,AWS Inspector, AWS GuardDuty.

Infrastructure: Manually deployed using AWS console and Heroku.

Services used:

  • 1) EC2 as a backend server
  • 2) Autoscaling and Application load balancer for handling/managing traffic.
  • 3) Postgre as a database engine on Heroku.
  • 4) Route53 as a DNS
  • 5) AWS backup.
  • 6) Detective, Guard Duty, Inspector and WAF as security tools.
  • 7) ACM from certificate manager.
  • 8) Email from AWS Workmail.
  • 9) Amazon Simple Email Service.
  • 10) Security groups for allowing particular IP’s.
  • 11)Separate VPC for production or staging environment.
  • 12) Heroku.
  • 13) set up Zendesk for customer support.
    • DevOps